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  1. Moran Halfon says:

    i believe that it is true that setting a goal for yourself will only bring positive outcomes to a person’s life. first off, setting yourself a goal automatically says something about yourself and that is a responsible person. it is always good to look in the future and be prepared. for example my short term goal is to finish my homework for this week so my weekend can be free. this goal will make me organized and wont let me leave things to the last minute. it will for sure bring a good outcome and thats the reason i recommend everyone to make a goal for what they want to achieve!

    • Stephane Gaskin PhD says:


      Yes! and the good thing about this is that on the weekend your fun will be guilt-free. That makes it so much more enjoyable.

      • MyIdeasOnly says:

        Spending a weekend partying and having fun after achieving a goal, is the best feeling ever. You feel like the most liberate person and it’s like a weight has lifted off your shoulder and you can fully enjoy your weekend, stress-free and with a huge smile.

        • RonMC says:

          I like what you said there, but personally I find a pretty good goal to have is to “spending a weekend partying and having fun”, because there will always be new goals and new obstacles in our lives, that we forget to enjoy them to the fullest what we accomplish. therefore i believe finding time to party is a pretty good goal.

          • ADB says:

            I completely agree with what Moran Halfon said. We can all have different goals in mind but we need to have a certain mindset to achieve them. It takes a lot of discipline, motivation and hard work to go through with a goal. Setting goals is also a way to help organize yourself and get your priorities straight. There is such a huge positive aspect in having goals. They enforces these excellent qualities, which will be very helpful for the future.

  2. Ghadir says:

    It is said that having goals induce change and self-development but what if my goal is to self-develop? For example if I want to be a more patient person, can ‘being more patient’ be considered a goal? I think it is, a goal can be anything you want to achieve or accomplish in life or within yourself; whether it’s a materialistic goal or a spiritual one.

    • Stephane Gaskin PhD says:

      Yes Ghadir! Being more patient is a growth and self development goal. If you feel that this is one of the ways in which you can improve and grow as a person then think of the steps that you can take to achieve that.

  3. Ghadir says:

    A lot of the goals I want to achieve in life seem so difficult. And they all have purpose and a lot of meaning. Most are personal, something I would like to achieve for myself but yet it would also be great for those who surround. Even though, some of my goals seem unrealistic or like a dream. I cannot do anything right now to achieve them but perhaps later on I can … Sometimes I can take very tiny steps towards my goals but it would seem like a long way to go which can sometimes be discouraging.

    • Stephane Gaskin PhD says:


      You are doing something about them. planning out the steps in your mind until you can put them in action and taking tiny steps towards them now is an excellent start.

      • LeezaVermette says:

        I agree with Ghadir, goals may be sometimes very personal aand seem to be more dream-like. I do believe with the right planning and timing one is capable of achieving anything !

  4. Alyssa Barb says:

    I also believe that goal setting is important in our life because it gives us something to work for. Whether it be, save a certain amount of money or get your “finances” in order; when there’s a goal in your mind, your life seems to have purpose. Just like Ghadir has mentioned, I too have certain goals that are unrealistic and cannot be achieved right now or maybe ever. However, like you mentioned, planning steps is a way to do something about them, and hopefully with hard work and dedication I will achieve my goals.

    • SGC says:

      I think many of us can relate to having goals that don’t seem possible at this very moment in our lives, however I’d like to think that nothing is impossible. Maybe we’ll have to modify our dreams a lot to make them possible, but I think that we can still make plans to to create the right steps to achieving our goals.

  5. Alyssa Barb says:

    Sometime, when a goal seems to be “impossible” or “unrealistic,” i find i tend to give up on the goal and strive for something much smaller and easier. I don’t think this is a good thing because in the end I won’t be happy with myself knowing i gave up quickly on something that would have potentially made me a much happier person.

    • Stephane Gaskin PhD says:

      Sometimes we are not ready to take the steps but we are always ready to plan them out. Striving for something smaller to get closer to the bigger picture is not a bad strategy.

  6. MyIdeasOnly says:

    I strongly believe that the goals you set for yourself do say something about you and your personality. Achieving a goal send out a message to yourself and other that you can achieve a goal you set out. and if you can do it the first time you can do it again. As well it may motive others around you to set a goal for themselves and achieve it.Psychologically speaking, having a well defined harmonious goal, in my opinion, is good for one’s self-esteem.

  7. Matthew Lynch says:

    Goal setting helps things move on in one’s life, I find. For example, someone without a goal might find themselves just drifting through their days, not really striving for anything in particular, and that could mean a very dreary experience. Someone who has a goal, or multiple goals, will find themselves satisfied with what they did at the end of the day, as it usually leaves them one step closer to accomplishing what they wanted. My goals a little lack-luster, but I find it helps get me through my days. My goals are to get through college, taking things one day at a time, and to figure out just what I want to do with myself.

    • Stephane Gaskin PhD says:

      Your goal is not lack luster if it has purpose and meaning to you,which I suspect it does.

      • Matthew Lynch says:

        Fair enough. I just mean that my goals are not such a grand scheme as you might find in most of the youth. Being in a position where reality struck me hard as a child, I quickly learned not to have such huge hopes and dreams, and have adapted to keeping things realistic.

        • EmilyK says:

          I feel like you’ve got a point. I’m often intimidated by setting massive goals because in my experience, I’ve found that the bigger they come, the harder they fall. It’s difficult to stay focused on your goals when there’s something nipping at you saying that it’s not going to work out.

  8. Alexandra Cannucci says:

    I believe that setting goals is a very important part of life, even if they are very small goals (such as writing a paper for school). In a way, it’s what keeps you going. As well as a way to organize your time/priorities, manage anxiety, and raise your confidence that you can do anything if you set your mind to it. However, I do know that sometimes it takes a lot more to plan out a goal than to just think of it. It can be discouraging.

    • A says:

      I agree! I believe that a goal is what keeps you going in life. Having a goal is also a motivation for me to wake up every day and go to school.

      I believe that setting goals is a tool to help us be confident in ourselves, make wise decisions, and differentiating what is important in life and what is not. I think the downside would be thinking about the outcome, having negative thoughts, and just waiting for it to happen. With goals, comes effort. I think that is what I tend to forget at times.

    • Stephane Gaskin PhD says:


      You build confidence and self-esteem by achieving small goals. Eventually you will build enough of it for the big ones. Hang in there.

      • Vanessa Lanno says:

        Instead of saying “I have so much homework” going about it by handling them by subjects or chronologically what you have due first does not make it feel as stressful.

  9. Alexandra Cannucci says:

    I sometimes wonder if it is still possible to achieve goals if someone tends to give up easily. Especially at the slightest hint of difficulty. I have never really planned out any good goals, and I could never seem to stick with them. I wonder if it’s because of the quality of the goal (such as, that it seems to unrealistic) or that I am not able to actually put all that I have into the goal. It’s a little frustrating, but I think that somehow in time, this can be overcome. I am just not sure how.

    • Stephane Gaskin PhD says:


      Try to get more connected with the purpose and meaning of your goals. Make sure that they are things you are passionate about and that you truly want for yourself.

  10. Jasmine K says:

    I have to agree with what Matthew Lynch said, about how someone without a goal can find themselves just drifting through life, and honestly I used to be like that.. I would follow the same routine everyday adn eventually I fell into a rut. I never really took the time to think about what I wanted to do with my life. But I’ve changed since, and having goals in my life, as simple as they are like finishing college (it’s my 4th year at Dawson!) or being financially stable, definitely motivate me to work hard everyday to avoid falling back in that rut. My goals make me want to give 110% everyday so I can take care of myself and my loved ones.

  11. ADB says:

    reading this article kind of made me realize that i do have a goal, and that goal is to find a goal with a meaning and pathway. All i need right now is something to want to work towards. And i know that once i find that goal, once i find what my true passion is i will take all the necessary steps to achieve them. I want to find my goal that has a purpose and a meaning so that i have some sort of a pathway. Right now i guess you can say i have small goals, like finish my semester, work out, try eat healthier.

    • Alexandra Sammons says:

      Maybe once you achieved one of your small goals it will make you realize that there is a bigger one behind it. By completing one of your small goals, I feel as if you will have the motivation to achieve an even bigger one that would be in the same field.

  12. Alexandra Sammons says:

    Having goals really does give a sense to your life. Even when people say they don’t have goals, they do! Maybe they just don’t realize it or are too scared to face them. Achieving a goal makes you understand yourself better and you are able to advance confidently in life without looking back.

    • Michelle Da Paz says:

      I couldn’t agree more! Everyone has goals, no matter how big or small. Without goals, we are all just floating through life in no particular direction–goals give us structure and propel us forward. Having meaningful and attainable goals to strive towards helps us to better understand ourselves and what we want out of life. Goals allow us to follow individual paths in order to achieve what we want and aspire to what we want to be.

  13. Francis Young says:

    I have to agree with this article to have goals in life you have to have purpose and meaning. I believe comparing my experiences with this article helps me learn. My goal is to be a better person in all areas of my life. To be a better person means being the person i want to be that everyone enjoys being around. I would like to excel more in my sport. This would make me more happier because i am not running to beat people like when i was young, i am running to be the best that i can be.

  14. I started to truly establish meaningful goals these past 2 years. I have goals that I love working towards because I know that the outcome will make me feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. These goals have made me work hard and learn a lot about myself as well. When I find that I lack motivation sometimes, I look at my goals to give me a boost. I know that once I have achieved them I will look back and be proud of myself that I stuck with them and went all the way through with accomplishing my goals.

  15. Justin Sorgiacomo says:

    Having a goal in life will make things a lot less easier. The reason for having a goal is to be aiming at something which you want to achieve in. Its something which gives you a positive feeling because you are aiming at something and once you achieve it you will feel as if you have achieved your dream

  16. Justin Sorgiacomo says:

    A goal is something that makes you strive for something. It’s kind of like an race but when you get to the finish line you feel like you have conquered the world. Something which you have never thought which was possible to do actually happens and you actually achieve it will definetly be the best feeling you wil ever feel.

  17. Denisa solomon says:

    I am totally agree that each person should have a goal and realize it, because you feel so proud when you did it. For example, my goal was to improve my english, then i decided to go at dawson to improve my english. For me it was a really difficult goal to realize because english is my 3td language. I realize my goal step by step. For example my first semester i take 5 classes to be sure to pass all my courses. Then the next semester i took 6 classes … So each next semester i add one more class. Also the fact that i knew that i had a goal and i have to make it
    , gives me a lot of motivation. I realize that it is my last semester at dawson and i could not beleive it.

  18. SGC says:

    This post made me realize that goal setting is very important and taking the right steps in achieving them is crucial. Goals are important to have, as it motivates people to end up getting what they want which only leads to happiness. I only really started setting goals for myself last year, and already I feel better at myself because I have achieved some of my goals and it made me feel good about myself.

  19. Kayla K says:

    After reading this article and a few comments, I see how important goal setting. I have set many goals for myself but I never have a big motivation to achieve them. Of course I want to, but I never put the work in. Next time I set goals for myself, I will definitely ask myself about the purpose and meaning of them which will hopefully allow me to be more motivated and achieve them in time.

  20. At first, I established smaller, short-term goals for myself because I did not know how to go about achieving any of my goals. Once I had achieved my first goal I felt as if I was on top of the world and that I could do anything I put hard work and my heart into. This mentality has brought me this far in life and I am proud to say that I am confident in my goals and that, through hard work and diligence, I can achieve anything I want to. Setting goals and proving to myself that I can achieve them really helped me with the establishment of bigger, long-term goals and gave me the confidence I needed to actually tell myself, “this is something that you can achieve” and I whole-heartedly believe that I can.

  21. Priscilla says:

    Like every other comment here so far, I too agree that setting goals is an important aspect of your life. It provides meaning as well as motivation. When I have nothing to strive for I feel disoriented – like those first weeks of summer. Without a school schedule,without a routine, you lose track of time until you realize that you don’t even know what day of the week it is anymore. That type of disorientation.

    My concern though is what can be done to reassure someone if they don’t manage to fulfill their goals. You can plan as many steps as you like, as many as there are on the Great Wall of China, but in life things never go as we plan them to.

  22. Vanessa Lanno says:

    Getting my homework done is a goal I feel good when accomplished, it is a great weight off my shoulders and leaves more time for myself to do things I enjoy. I can see how goal setting is important for mental-wellness.

  23. patrick says:

    This post shows that it is important to set a goal in our life because it has a good impact on our performance and our motivation and it will also lead us to happiness when our goal is achieved. When I achieved a goal, the feeling that I have is that I feel good and happy.

  24. RonMC says:

    Positive goals promote a well life setting for any job seekers in this world. When we fail in our own goals, we have no interest of planning anymore, and our time is poorly spent.

  25. Dimitar says:

    In my personal experience i find that having is both important to and revealing of my personality. I remember in high school i didn’t necessary have any goals to strive for which made me very unorganized and have a general low motivation compared to when i started having Real and achievable goals.I also find that having goals gives a person a purpose in life as well as orientation which i think its vital to a self-fulfilling life style.

  26. Dimitar says:

    Perhaps the hardest part is knowing exactly where to start and which goal to prioritize. Seeing how i have many interests i find myself often with wanting to achieve various goals simultaneously- that’s obviously not possible unless the goals are related.

  27. Michelle Da Paz says:

    I think it’s necessary to know what the true purpose and meaning of our goals are. Although it is easy to set goals, it is not always easy to reflect on the reasons as to why we wish to achieve certain goals and their significance in enriching our lives. By analyzing our goals, we learn about ourselves and can better determine whether our goals are realistically attainable and if we will truly be satisfied once we have attained them.

  28. EmilyK says:

    The idea of having peace of mind would definitely be something that drives me towards my goals. I find I always have much less anxiety once I have reached my goals, but it’s making that first step that’s always a challenge for me. I become anxious when it comes to goal setting because I focus on the possibilities of what might go wrong or that it won’t work out, as opposed to focusing on what’s really important.

  29. LeezaVermette says:

    When i read this article it made me realize that everyone has dreams and wants to realize them by transforming them into a feisable goal. It is very interessting to kknow that each individual has a goal; however everyone’s is unique and different.

  30. InnerThoughts says:

    Goals are very important in order to succeed and to go further in life. As many of my classmates have stated, a goal can help a person through any challenges that they undergo. In order to overcome these challenges, you must remind yourself of the goal that you will have achieved. Short term goals can also lead to a long term goal, in my opinion, if it is properly structured in the ways you wish to achieve it.

  31. InnerThoughts says:

    Also, I agree with EmilyK. Taking the necessary precautions towards achieving the goals I wish to accomplish are incredibly difficult for me. Instead of dwelling on the negatives of what may go wrong, I should remind myself of what positive actions/thoughts may occur during the course of achieving my goal and even after I’ve actually achieved my goal.